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New waterfront for Simrishamn
Simrishamn, Sweden

Simrishamn is situated on the east coast of Sweden. It is the main city of the Osterlen region and is known for its agricultural landscape and low level of urbanization. Even though being a tourist city during the summer months, its sea front has been completely neglected mainly due to a wide road that separates the city centre from the seashore.

Way has developed a masterplan for the waterfront area that includes a new mixed use development on the western part of the site, a new marina, and a green belt along the sea shore connecting the town to the harbour.

We are working with italian architects Maurizio Petronio, Silvia di Vita and Filippo Fachinetto on this project.

Status: Feasibility study, competition
Type: Masterplan
Publications: 2013. Galeria da Arquitetura web magazine



Carlo Costa
Filippo Fachinetto
Maurizio Petronio
Priscilla Pinotti
Silvia di Vita
Clarissa Shimiaki
Henrique Lattes
Filippo Fachinetto
Silvia di Vita