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New mixed use development for Simrishamn
Simrishamn, Sweden

Most buildings in Simrishamn have brick or timber frames and date from the 19th century. Traditionally built with local materials and typically light in colour with plaster covered stone plinths they are low-rise and have pitched rooves.

This project is for a mixed-use development that will transform an under-used site into a bustling and lively new community.

Way has designed a sensitive answer to a brief that asked for a"contemporary city extension". The architectural proposal is a re-interpretation of the traditional geometry and its colours in a contemporary way.

We are working with italian architects Maurizio Petronio, Silvia di Vita and Filippo Fachinetto on this project.

Status: Feasibility study
Type: Masterplan



Carlo Costa
Filippo Fachinetto
Maurizio Petronio
Priscilla Pinotti
Silvia di Vita
Clarissa Shimiaki
Henrique Lattes
Filippo Fachinetto
Silvia di Vita