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Matarazzo Project
Sao Paulo, Brazil

Linked to the Paulista Avenue, in the heart of São Paulo, Matarazzo Hospital is one of the few remaining preserved historical landmarks in the city. It was acquired by Group Allard and will be restored and opened to the public in full compliance with local authority planning regulations. There will be art galleries, theatres, cinemas, a department store and craft stalls. Jean Nouvel and Philippe Starck are working on the architecture and the interior design respectively.

Matarazzo Hospital Restoration - 2013
Glass Houses + Philippe Starck
São Paulo, Brazil
Scope: Tender Design for Glass Houses based on Starck concept design project
Client: Group Allard

Matarazzo Hospital Restoration - 2014
Interface Solutions
São Paulo, Brazil
Scope: design consultancy proposing architectural design solutions for interfaces between old and new facades
Client: Group Allard

Matarazzo Hospital Restoration - 2015
Office Tower Facade + JEAN NOUVEL
Sao Paulo, Brazil
Scope: design consultancy for architectural solutions for facade compartmentation of hotel tower in line with Nouvel concept design
Client: Group Allard + Triptyque Architects

Status: On going
Type: Restoration + New buildings



Philippe Stark + WAY
Carolina Geise
Gustavo Damião
Henrique Lattes